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The Man from Earth (2007) – IMDb

The Man from Earth (2007) – IMDb.

This is a hard review to write so soon after watching the film, but I am afraid that if I don’t write my thoughts now they will fade. The concept is very intriguing, and exploring the concept as they did in the film is quite believable. A very basic case of “what if?” taken through some interesting twists and turns, and what a set of turns this movie presented. This is one of those rare films that just makes you sit down and think and let your own mind wander down the path of “what if?” with the characters in the film, and it does it superbly.

There are no grand dramatic settings, no huge special effects, no flash and bang in this movie. Instead it has something so much better: characters. This film could easily be done on stage, and for all I know the script may well be used for a stage production. It certainly wouldn’t take much tweaking to make it work on stage since the movie basically takes place in one room. No, what we have here are some absolutely superb character actors coming together to do what they all do so tremendously well, play a character, and do it so that they really do feel real. Yes there are a lot of familiar faces here, but none of them are actors we expect to see as leads in blockbuster films. Instead these are the people who make other characters shine simply by incredible execution of their craft.

This is a movie that is going to stick with me for a long, long time, and it is well worth the 8 of 10 stars that I rated it. Simply fantastic!



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Review of Lockout (2012)

ImageLockout (2012) – IMDb.

I tried watching this the other night, but I fell asleep within the first ten minutes of the film. Not exactly indicative of a captivating film. Tonight I gave it another chance and managed to watch the entire thing. That is not exactly saying much about the film though, is it?

Truth be told, this movie does not have a huge plot. It would be fair to say that it barely has a shallow plot. Within the first ten minutes I knew what the primary plot line had to be, and that was before all the elements were in place to put it fully in motion. The conclusion was inevitable, and the only question would be how obvious they were in pursuing the inevitable conclusion. Turns out they were pretty obvious about it.

So, while the plot and story left nothing to the imagination, the action was actually pretty decent. I enjoyed the science fiction elements in this film, and the graphics work for those elements was pretty well handled. Predictable perhaps, and hearkening back to some classic science fiction movies with some seriously obvious pulls like the line of “make for the tunnel” which, combined with the flight sequences draws a fan right into the Star Wars franchise.

As to the combat sequences, while they were really pretty predictable, they were actually well choreographed. There were some pretty well put together combat sequences, and those provided the filler for what was in all likelihood a 20 page script into something more than a 15 minute clip.

Aside from the combat and science fiction sequences the only other mildly redeeming factor to this film was the abundance of one-liners uttered by the star of the film. Every time you turn around he had a line of some sort, and by the end of the film those were really all that kept me interested in finishing the movie.

The movie was not a complete waste, but it certainly was not something that I find any interest in seeing more than once. It certainly is not a movie that will be going into our library, and will be headed back to Netflix tomorrow.

My rating? I give it 3 of 5 stars.

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