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Review: Monster Hunter Legion

Monster Hunter Legion
Monster Hunter Legion by Larry Correia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

More!!!! I want more!!!

Alright, so I guess it goes without saying that this book blew me away and left me wanting more, but…that is exactly what it did. Each installment of this series just keeps getting better.

Some authors would be happy to continue playing with the established cast of characters, running them through cookie cutter adventure after adventure without ever having the characters really grow and develop. Correia doesn’t do that, and his characters, even minor ones, are always growing and evolving. Not only that, but his stories do the same thing. Each book could stand independently as a cohesive whole, and you could read it without ever needing to read the others to simply enjoy the story. However, the stories between the books are all fully entwined, and when read as a complete set the story takes on so much more dimension. This latest book really digs into the overall story evolution, and dips into each of the other books for bits and pieces of this or that to add spice and depth to the story.

My only real complaint is that the series does seem to be building to a grand finale, and as a fan of the series I don’t want anything to cause it to end, even if it is the natural end of the story. Granted, as the reader I have no real way of knowing when that end will finally come. The pieces are building, the tension is building, but the crescendo has yet to be reached, and may not be reached for several more books. So…I will wait (and not patiently I might add) for the next installment in the series.

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The Monster Hunter International Employee’s Handbook and RPG by Hero Games — Kickstarter

via The Monster Hunter International Employee\’s Handbook and RPG by Hero Games — Kickstarter.

Several weeks ago Larry posted that there would be a Kickstarter funded MHI Employee Handbook & RPG Game. Well, the Kickstarter campaign finally launched a couple of days ago and it is already almost 80% funded. Jump on now while you can!

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New Release for Monster Hunter Series!!!

I need a big favor « Monster Hunter Nation.

Yay!!! The latest Monster Hunter book is now out and available for purchase. Not sure that we will be able to purchase this one for me just yet due to school expenses, but I figure it can’t hurt to let everyone else know that it is out there for purchase.

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Press Release about Monster Hunter RPG

I haven’t used the Hero Games system in years, but this could well make me trot out my core book and refresh my mind on the system. Really looking forward to this project becoming a reality, and really hoping that I will be able to kick in some funds to the Kickstarter campaign once it starts.

For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a fantastic tool to allow developers of pretty much anything to reach out and generate funding for their project via public contribution. As a benefit of contributing the contributors often get something special out of the deal once the project has completed. For the gaming community this is a tremendous boon as developing a product and getting is published and distributed is an expensive proposition, and generating funding this way often makes the difference on a project dying in concept or surviving and actually getting into distribution.

Monster Hunter Nation

So I can finally say more about the upcoming MHI game.  I’m doing it in conjunction with Hero Games using their Champions system. Steve Long, who has won stacks of awards for this sort of thing, is doing the book. We will be doing a Kickstarter in October.
<<Larry Correia and Hero Games are pleased to announce that they’re  teaming up to produce a fan’s guide to and roleplaying game set in Correia’s “Monster Hunter International” setting, tentatively entitled The Monster Hunter  International Employee’s Handbook And Roleplaying Game.
The MHIEHRPG will be a full-color, hardcover book approximately 300 pages  long. It will be written by award-winning RPG writer/designer Steven S. Long and  will include a full version of Hero Games’s HERO System rules specifically  tailored for playing in the MHI setting. Fans won’t have to buy any other books  to play the game; the MHIEHRPG will have everything they need…

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