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Petition | NcSoft: Keep NCSoft from shutting down City of Heroes! | Change.org

Petition | NcSoft: Keep NCSoft from shutting down City of Heroes! | Change.org.

Outside of Ultima Online City of Heroes was my first real experience with online gaming. I had a blast with the game and really grew attached to my character. This game also taught me the value of playing as part of a team, and the experience has served me well in the years that followed. I haven’t really played the game much in recent years, and lately I have avoided online gaming since I am relying upon rural wifi for my Internet connection, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game actually loads and plays just fine with my limited bandwidth. Unfortunately I discovered this just as NCSoft announced that they are pulling the plug on the game. Some fans of the game are banding together and running a petition to try to get NCSoft to change their minds on pulling the plug. Apparently the movement has even gained national news coverage on CNN, so I am hoping against all odds that the game actually continues to operate. If you are a fan of the game, if you have ever played the game and enjoyed it, please follow the link and sign the petition.


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Do Gooder Press – Paragon City no more?

ImageDo Gooder Press – Paragon City no more?.

City of Heroes was not my first MMORPG, but it was certainly one of my favorites, so hearing that they are planning on closing down the game is very sad news to me. I have fond memories of working hard to get to the point where I had a character who could fly, and then earning my cape was one of those crowning achievements. Ironically I stopped playing because the crew I played with moved on to other games and it just wasn’t as fun flying solo anymore. I have visited from time to time over the years just to take a few spins and thump a few thugs, and if I had a stronger network connection you might actually find me spending time in the game today. Alas, by the end of the year this will no longer be an option. So, if you are a fan log on and get in some playing time while you still can. Remind yourself why you loved this game so much before you moved on to other things.

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