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Pet Rock @ Bedtime

My funny story for the night involves my youngest, and what ensued when he came to bed in our bed. He had refused to lay down and go to sleep in his own bed, so Sarah elected to go ahead and just lay down with him in our bed. While waiting for Sarah to get ready for bed I laid down beside him and told him to quiet down or he would wake my pet rock, and he wouldn’t want to do that since if it was woken up it might get angry. I pointed out the chunk of obsidian I use for energy storage and keep in the windowsill beside the bed as my pet rock. He kept sitting up, leaning over and looking at it, so I told him to stop looking at it or it might wake up.

Eventually Sarah came to bed and he sat up to tell her that he was afraid he would make my rock angry. So…while his back was turned I reached over, snagged the rock, and put it in bed beside him. When he finally calmed down and laid down again he laid up against it and jerked back up. He squirmed back up against Sarah, leaned out around me to look at the windowsill, then back at the rock, then back at the windowsill. I couldn’t help myself and played up the rock waking up and moving into bed with him. It took Sarah and I five minutes to get him to pet the rock, and then it was his best friend.

I guess I am going to have to put some stick-on eyes on it or something now…

Sometimes the simplest joys in life are in messing with the minds of your children.



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Faerieworlds 2010 (Day 1)

Our goal was to be on the road by 6:00 am so that we could be there as close to gates open as possible. We did a tremendous amount of prep work on Thursday, and worked late into the night to pack the car as much as possible. In the end we didn’t quite make it out as early as we wanted, and got down to Eugene at around 10:00 am instead of the desired 8:00 am. Even so, the selection of camping sites was pretty good. The sites close to the gate and back in the trees were all gone, but we weren’t wanting a site like that anyway. We got a good site a distance away from other campers in a place where we thought we would get minimal afternoon sun.

Once we got set up we decided to go on over to the event and see what we could see. Many of the merchants were still setting up their booths, but a band was already on stage performing. We wandered around a bit, enjoying the feel of the place, and getting an idea of where everything was located. Basically we did a lot of wandering, and while we sat under a shade awning that was set up for folks wanting to get out of the direct sunshine to listen to the concerts, we didn’t do that for long due to the heat. The music was entertaining, though not necessarily groundbreaking. It made for a good backdrop for the setting though, and helped set the mood during our wanderings. A nice bonus that we discovered when we went back to camp for dinner was that due to how things were laid out we were actually relatively close to the main stage, so we could hear the music pretty well from our camp site. We were isolated from it by a massive berry and bramble thicket though, so that helped keep from getting many wanderers.

A real bummer point for me was in discovering that one of my favorite performers, Alexander James Adams (formerly known as Heather Alexander) was part of a new group that came on stage while we were eating. I recognized one of the songs, dug out the event booklet, and took a close look. Yep, Alexander was on stage and performing. Dang! So, we missed a performance that I would have really loved to have seen. Ironically, they were on the playbill for an earlier timeslot, but due to flight delays for one of the performers the band was not able to be on stage until later so a swap with another band was arranged. We were sitting down watching that band, The Gypsy Nomads, play earlier in the day, and had Tricky Pixie (the band delayed) been there on time we would have seen the performance. Oh well, such is life.

We did make it back over later in the evening, and the kids had a good time, but we were both pretty tired from a long day with a lot of heavy lifting so we did not stay long once the final act started up around 10:00 pm. We got everyone settled into bed, and discovered that Sarah’s idea of pushing the two queen air mattresses together into one massive bed was a great idea. Everyone gently drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Woodland playing on the main stage.

Pictures from this first day can be found by clicking on the picture above, or clicking this link: Faerieworlds 2010 – Day 1 Gallery

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