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Social Media Advertising

Today I received the following comment on my review about Dream House:


I originally wanted to see “Dream House” in the theaters, but they seem not to last long and go straight to DVD. I had forgotten about this movie until I heard my co-worker at Dish talking about it. I decided to add this to my Blockbuster @home movie queue. I have one rental at home now that I’m going to return to the store tonight, and pick this up instead. This works well for me since I won’t have to wait for it in the mail, and I can return it the same day if I decide I no longer want it. I think with the big names in this movie it should be watchable despite it not being scary.

What I love about this is that it is actually fairly decently written in that it effectively communicates the primary objective, which is to market Dish’s Blockbuster @home feature. For that the comment deserves some kudos from me. What I find exceptionally humorous is that I work for a direct competitor which offers the same sort of program and streamlines the process much more efficiently than Dish. Even more ironic is that I actually am forced to use Dish instead of the services of the company I work for due to geographical limitations.

You see, I work for Comcast, and am very proud to work for them. Even more, I work in the video department where I actually interact with these services on a daily basis. As a Dish user and a Comcast employee I get to directly compare the two services, not out of choice but by necessity, and given a choice I would switch over to Comcast in a heartbeat.

Now another interesting thing about this is that this is a clear example of a new facet of marketing strategy that many companies are now using. They recognize the importance of social media as a marketing tool, and they are smart enough to recognize that traditional marketing does not work as effectively these days. Too many people are tired of seeing the obvious, shove our product in your face style of marketing, and software tools actually give people the ability to actively block that type of marketing now. So marketing has had to adapt and modify their approach, and take a more proactive approach to marketing to consumers by taking a more hands on tactic. The comment I posted above here is a great example of that strategy in action.

Do I like that my blog has been selected for this type of marketing? I am actually rather torn on the topic. I appreciate that somebody is making an effort to find a different approach to marketing, and I recognize that the person making this post probably paid by the number of posts that they can make, and I know that there is some work involved in finding places where posts like this can seem natural. So, while this is clearly not a real post I think I will allow it to stand.




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Wil Wheaton, A Father of my Generation

I am man enough to admit it, I originally tracked down Wil’s blog simply because he was somebody I remembered from the days when I used to watch Star Trek all the time. Unlike many, I actually liked his work as an actor, and really enjoyed his character portrayal in the show.

Now, after spending months reading his blog and his other work, I find that I have a hard time remembering that child actor. Instead I have in my mind a picture of a man who is close to my age, who is a father, and who is a very talented writer.  Wil strikes a chord in me on many levels, whether it be music, general geekiness, or now as a father. My children are just barely a year old now, but after reading his latest column in the LA Weekly I find a renewed desire to celebrate each day of my children’s lives for fear that I may miss something important simply because I was distracted by earning a living so that I could put food on the table.

Follow this link and see what I mean:


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Midwifery TodayWho would have thought it? I certainly didn’t anticipate it, but here I am a published writer. Years ago, as a teen, I dreamed of being a writer, and spent hours at the typewriter (yes, we used those back then) writing stories and the like. I still have copies of most of those stories somewhere, but I never had the courage to try to seek publication. Now, seemingly out of left field, I find myself published simply because I felt a need to document my experience as a participant in the birth of my children.

Today I have in my hands the most recent issue of Midwifery Today (Summer 2008, Number 86), and my article is right near the front on page 12. The layout is very nice, and they selected some very cute pictures of the twins. Sarah is stoked at seeing the article in print, though she is disappointed that they did not select a picture with her in it.

Published…what next? Do I see about getting more published? I truly don’t know. Long ago I gave up the dream of being a writer, feeling that my skills were far more suited to being an editor than in being a writer. Yes, I can be quite eloquent in what I write, but I have a horrid time trying to come up with something to write if I am writing fiction. Of course, that in and of itself may be the key. Perhaps I need to work on writing about my life and my experiences rather than something in fiction. Will people read it, want to read it, or even care enough to want to see it published? I don’t have a clue. For now I think that I will content myself with simply trying to keep my blog updated from time to time and not worry about getting published again.

NOTE: I have updated the post with a link to the PDF of the article as it was published as provided by the publisher.


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Ironic Twist of Fate

On December 20th I received an email that I truly didn’t expect to ever receive, an offer to publish my story of Tiernan and Caulla-Anora’s birth. Jennifer, the owner of Andaluz Waterbirth Center, received my permission to submit my story to Midwifery Today magazine shortly after I wrote and posted it. I never expected to hear more on that, but out of the blue I received an email from the magazine with a release form attached. They want to publish my story in the June, 2008 issue of the magazine!

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