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Deaf Three-Year-Old Not Allowed to Sign His Name Because It Violates Preschool’s Weapons Policy

Deaf Three-Year-Old Not Allowed to Sign His Name Because It Violates Preschool’s Weapons Policy.

Welcome to idiocy in action. I can understand a zero tolerance policy for weapons, but seriously, get your head out of that warm, smelly and dark place and take a look at legitimate sign language manuals you fools! And now they are getting national insight into how idiotic they are in interpreting their policy in direct violation of freedom of speech. Yep, I suspect that once they wipe the crate of eggs off their faces they will be making some changes.


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I Passed!!!

Those who know me know just how much I hate math, and how much I struggle with it. Ironic when I actually do so well when doing data analytics. Go figure. At any rate, in my ongoing effort to finally finish my degree and get my Bachelors in Business Management it was necessary for me to take ¬†College Math II yet again. I had completed this course when I was at Eastern Montana College back in the 80’s, and again when I was at ITT Tech in the 2000’s, but both of the course descriptions for these courses had them clearly flagged as ¬†“not required for graduation” which meant that University of Phoenix, which does require the course, was unable to apply the credits earned at either school toward my credit requirements for my degree. As such…I had to take it yet again.

Now for the excitement part, and to give some context. Technically I have taken this course a total of 5 times now. Yes, you read that number correctly. At both of the prior schools I failed miserably to pass on my first attempt and had to take the class a second time, and when I completed the second attempt I barely scraped past with a very, very low level D- grade. One more wrong answer on the final and I would have failed.

So, clearly I struggle with this course. This time I passed it, and I passed it on the first try, and best of all….I got a C+ this time!!!!! Not only was it a C+, but my score was 79.07%!!! Maybe the material is finally sticking? I don’t know. All I know is that I finally passed that stinking class on the first try, leaving me with three more classed before I finally graduate.

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Bright Lights – Headlights or Opportunity?

Sometimes you see that bright light on the horizon and you don’t know what to think. Is is the shining light of opportunity with a bright, shiny promise of better things, or is it the headlights of a rapidly approaching vehicle come to knock you on your rump? Fun question to ponder though isn’t it?

The last few weeks have been filled with dread for me because I have one of those lights on my horizon. Tax time is coming up, and I have been very afraid that we wouldn’t be seeing much of a refund this year. Getting a refund is critical to my going back to school and finally finishing my degree. I don’t have far to go, having only 13 credits left to earn before I finally finish my two year degree completion program that I started back before the twins were born. For those doing the math this program has taken me well over four years so far, and I am hoping to finally finish before it turns into five years.

At that same time, part of me has been dreading that there would be enough of a refund for me to go back to school. It has been a long, hard battle to get this far, and I am ready to be done. At this point I almost don’t care whether I finish or not.

Kicker is, whether I finish or not, I am still faced with a ton of student loan debt that frankly, we can’t afford to repay right now. Originally, when I was working for the bank, our goal was for me to have been promoted into a position that would have given us the necessary income to pay for the loans that I was taking out to pay for my education. Had everything gone to plan this wouldn’t be a pair of headlights rushing at me. Instead fate took a different turn, I was unemployed for over two years, and now I am starting over again with a new company. My income is nothing like it was, and until I get this degree I don’t see a huge opportunity for advancement. Granted, as was the case at the bank, most supervisors that I see on the floor are actively doing coursework at their desks as they start down the same path I am so close to finishing, but I still have to put in my time and earn respect and prove myself before I can be considered for anything of that nature.

See those headlights? Frankly, right now, that is what they look like to me. I know that opportunity lies behind them, but they pack a huge amount of weight and I don’t know how to stand up to it.

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Contemplative Introspection…or…where my brain has been hiding lately

Lately I have been spending a fair bit of time just thinking about my life and trying to quantify where I am and why I am having various troubles or successes. I don’t know that I have any real answers to these questions, but I do have a better understanding of myself, and in so doing I believe I have a better grasp for why I am finding myself where I am these days.

First off is school, and the struggles that I have been having with the current class. The current class is an online class, and I have been really struggling with it. Consider that a vast majority of my time spent in Higher Education (i.e. college) from the 80’s through to today has been spent in on-campus classes. The few online classes that I have taken have been disasters, thus leaving me with a very bad impression of online classes. Now consider that my approach to on-campus classes for the last four years has been to do the majority of my homework over the course of a day or two just prior to each on-campus session. Online courses require daily attention with significant contributions on a daily basis. Do you see where my problem lies?

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September 18, 2011 · 10:55 am

Toxic Environment Triggers Meltdown

Last night culminated in a moment that I am less than proud to have made the family experience. Personal anger and frustration reached and exceeded my capacity to deal with resulting in me snapping and triggering a meltdown with all three of my children.

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