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Rainbows in the Sky

Lying back on a blanket with Caulla, relaxing in the shade and enjoying the gentle breeze, I gazed up at the sky. Lo, what did I see? Was it the sun? No, it was a rainbow! Hanging in the sky with high, wispy clouds as a backdrop, I saw the arc of a rainbow hanging in the sky. Upon pointing it out to Sarah, she proclaimed that it was a ring.

Is a rainbow still a rainbow if it is a ring? What does it mean when you spy a rainbow hanging in the sky without reaching down to the earth? Was this something special for Midsummer Day? Or was it a freak phenomenon of light refraction through water particles suspended in the atmosphere?

Me, I think I like the idea of it being something special being provided by the gods. Maybe one of them was painting in the sky, or doing their own celebration of this special day. I choose to be blessed by the vision of beauty that I saw in the sky today.


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