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Fish On (The Grill!)- Grilling is Happiness

Fish On (The Grill!)- Grilling is Happiness.

An interesting article on grilling fish. I am not exactly the grill master in the family, with my role typically reserved to gathering fuel for the fire, but the tips in this article actually have me thinking of trying my hand at it. Granted, I am more of a white fish eater, but my wife is constantly encouraging me to try new things in the fish universe so maybe…


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Over the last week or so I have actually begun to enjoy cheese again without having to take anything to mitigate the negative side effects of lactose intolerance. I haven’t tried pushing the limits yet to see just how much dairy I can handle without medication, but simply being able to enjoy shredded cheese on food has been a real joy.

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Dinner at La Bella Vita Pizzeria

Last night we got done with our Costco shopping and were feeling a touch peckish. We weren’t really interested in getting anything to eat at Costco, and were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. Pizza came up during the conversation, and we remembered that a new pizza place had opened up over by Coyotes Bar & Grill over on Baseline, and we had been wanting to go check it out.

Not quite sure what to expect, I ran in and got a take-out menu and came back to the car with it. I figured it was easier to do that and review it without taking the kids out and having to put them back in if we decided we didn’t want to eat dinner there.

After consulting the menu we figured that we would give it a try, and I will never regret making that decision. They only had one high chair, but one of the owners offered to run down to Coyotes to borrow one of theirs so that we would have one for each of the kids. Bang! Right off the bat, before we had even ordered, we were getting astounding service. That set the tone for the evening. They had a room in back with some games and a movie playing on the tv. As it had only one entrance it seemed a great place to be able to let the kids run a bit and still keep them cornered without having to really run around much ourselves.

As I entered the room I noticed that a gentleman was just finishing up his dinner, and I announced that we were invading with the twins. Not the best introduction that I have ever made, but this gentleman quipped that he knew what it was like as he was the father of two sets of twins himself! Two sets!!! Yikes! We later learned that this was the other owner, his wife having been the one to go get the other high chair for us.

The service was fantastic. Right off the bat they offered to change the movie, and put on a Disney flick for the kids. Their granddaughter served us our drinks, and was just enamored with the twins, constantly checking back in on us to see how we were doing. As the food came in we learned that they had split the kids food into two bowls (something we had forgotten to ask for) and had let it cool before bringing it in, so that we were able to give it to the kids right away.

So, about the food. The cheesy bread sticks…to die for. I can honestly say that I have NEVER had better. Then the pizza came. OMG!!!! It was terrific! Just enough sauce to give it good flavor and to help bond the toppings, but no so much that it felt like it was swimming in sauce. The toppings…nice thick slices of Canadian Bacon. Yes, I said thick slices for something that is never sliced thick. Sarah actually ate the crust, and she never eats pizza crust. Sarah also ordered a salad and tried the house dressing. Now to set some expectations here, our prior experiences with house dressings have always been bad, but this time around…Sarah was in paradise!

Then there was the service. Did I mention that it was fantastic! Great food, fantastic service, gourmet quality and style pizza without the gourmet prices. It wasn’t the cheapest place in town, probably on par with Round Table, but the pizza blew away Belagios and Pizza Schmizza. Made their dishes seem like Godfathers Pizza in comparison…

So, will we be going back? Oh yeah! The place even does birthday parties and family night! Family owned and operated, quality customer service, fantastic food, even decent changing facilities in the women’s bathroom. So, if you feel like taking the family out for a nice pizza meal and getting top notch food and fantastic service, I heartily recommend La Bella Vita Pizzeria. You can find them on their web site where they have their menu available for perusing, and even the number so that you can call in an order.

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