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Why we like organic

Why we like organic.

Well worth the read. A few years ago I never really cared, one way or another, what I was eating. Then my world turned upside down when my wife stepped into my life and slowly brought me into a point where I actually care about what I eat. Yeah, I still go for fast food more than I should, but when given the choice her influence has really shaped how and what I eat.

The blog behind the link above presents a solid case for eating local and organic. Please swing by and give it a read.


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Janeway Doesn’t Deserve This Shit |

Janeway Doesn’t Deserve This Shit |

Ok, yeah, I stopped watching the show before it ran its course, but I can definitely empathize with this writer’s position. The character of Janeway was actually pretty decent. The show itself…suffered from some serious lack of ambition and writing talent, and had succumbed to using sex to sell the show at the point where I dropped out. Yes, when Seven of Nine joined the crew I decided that enough was enough and I stopped following the show. Now, looking back through the lens of time I wonder what I would think of it now. Maybe I should check out the discs from the library and give it another run…

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Missing Content!!!

If you came here looking for stories and posts about birthing related topics I am afraid that such content has now been removed from my blog. I realize that these posts are all part of my journey, but I feel like these posts define my blog and overpower my original intent for my blog. As such Sarah and I made the decision to move this content over to her blog. While these posts may have been about a part of my life, they have become central to Sarah’s goals and ambitions so we felt that the content, and the positive message we were trying to convey with the content, is more appropriately housed over there.

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