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Missing Content!!!

If you came here looking for stories and posts about birthing related topics I am afraid that such content has now been removed from my blog. I realize that these posts are all part of my journey, but I feel like these posts define my blog and overpower my original intent for my blog. As such Sarah and I made the decision to move this content over to her blog. While these posts may have been about a part of my life, they have become central to Sarah’s goals and ambitions so we felt that the content, and the positive message we were trying to convey with the content, is more appropriately housed over there.


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Protective Instincts

I have never considered myself to be a violent man, but watching a recently aired television episode (Glee, Season 3, Episode 6) really got me to thinking. How would I react if I was the father who’s child got dragged into something just to further political ambitions? Let’s just say that the “it’s nothing personal” line would mean nothing to me, and I would be extremely prone to illustrating just how personal it can be.

I have always known that the protective urges of a parent could be strong, but I had no idea that it could be this strong. It is one thing to contemplate protecting your child from physical danger, but social and psychological danger? Yeah, I don’t think that social niceties would stop me from doing whatever I felt I needed to do to protect my children. Nobody gets away with using my family or my children for political gains. Nobody!

That said, and since I seem to see a large volume of traffic driven here by a couple of sites who’s creators seem intent upon doing just that, consider this a wake up call for personal responsibility. I don’t deal well with Trolls, but if being a Heathen has taught me anything, trolls can only be effectively deal with by bashing them in the head with a hammer. Thor is a great example of using effective troll management techniques. Granted, these days we are talking figurative rather than literal hammers. Even so, remember that while it might seem that one can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, there are ways of peeking behind that curtain. It might take some detective work. It might take some time. Regardless, eventually I intend to speak to these people face-to-face and question their intentions. No more anonymity. Talk to me as a human, face-t0-face, or fade into the background never to be heard from again.

I think I have made my point clear. Engage in conversation if you so desire. Me, I am done ignoring the trolls. You want to use my family you go through me to do it!

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Family Additions

It is official. I have been instructed by my mother-in-law to keep my super-spermmies to themselves. Yes folks, yet again we are expecting. It is a bit early to determine how many there are, and various sources have claimed that we have anywhere from one to four growing in there. One would be optimal. I would love for Sarah to be able to experience something more along the lines of a “normal” pregnancy and birth experience, especially in light of how traumatic the first time around was for us. Whether that is what is in store for us…your guess is as good as anyone’s at this point.

This does present some other complications that even now we are pondering how to address. For example, we are going to need a larger vehicle. There is simply no way that we can fit more than 2 car seats in either of our vehicles. Then there are the living conditions. HUD standards dictate 2 residents per bedroom. This will put us one over that limit unless we get into a larger apartment. Fortunately we have much of the physical infrastructure already in place, what with diapers, clothes and the like, so there won’t be added expenses there, but…another baby?!?

We are bouncing back and forth between shock and joy right now, wondering how we are going to do all the things we feel that we need to do…

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Pivot Moment

This morning was a bit of a pivot moment for me. No, I don’t have a new job yet, or anything dramatic like that. No, today my heart broke as I left for work.

Last night had not been restful for any of us, and I have been pretty groggy since before I got out of bed. I suspect Sarah isn’t doing much better. So, both of the kids were awake when I left. Caulla was stretched out on the floor sucking on her bottle, and looking like she was starting to drift off to sleep. Tiernan was fussing, and crankily crawling around. I needed contact for some reason. I can’t explain the why, just that I needed to pick him up. I gave him a good hug, told him that I loved him, and kissed the top of his head before putting him back on the floor beside Sarah. Then I grabbed my lunch and headed to the door. As I opened the door I looked back and saw Tiernan crawling after me just as Sarah commented on him crawling after me.

That was the moment my heart broke. The absolute last thing I wanted to do right then was go to work. All I wanted to do was hold my son, the son who was following his daddy to the door. Even now I am getting choked up thinking about it.

So why was this a pivot moment? It is a pivot moment because Tiernan and I have never really bonded all that well, and to have him follow me to the door…that signified a change to me, a change in our relationship as father and son. Those who have been there probably know exactly what I am talking about, and I hope that my meager words can help those who haven’t been there themselves see why it was so special to me.

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Finally Home!

Yesterday we were finally able to bring Caulla home. Talk about a happy day. Sarah and I both had this silly little grin on our faces on the drive home. We could finally stop being polite to the people who wanted to tell us that having the twins at home was a bad decision, and who insisted upon telling us all about the proper way to care for our little ones. We actually had to sit through an education session at the hospital before they would do the release. Still, we escaped and brought our treasure home.
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