Who Am I?


Who am I? Well, that depends upon where you encounter me. At work I am an Inbound Overdraft Collector doing my best to help people who have gotten into a jam out of a jam. It is an interesting use of customer service skills, and a dramatic change from the sales work I had done prior.

Away from work I am something else. I enjoy getting out, hiking the various hiking trails that we have available in this region. Dovetailing nicely with the hiking is my love of photography. I am no professional, but I do enjoy taking my camera with me so that I can capture a shot if something catches my eye. The question these days is whether my little “point and shoot” camera or my phone takes better pictures. Regardless, my phone is almost always on me so that may be the one pulled out first. You can see some of my work at my online photo gallery: http://geoffrie.smugmug.com/¬†, but since I started maintaining a presence online through Facebook several years ago my newest photos will often show up there first. I regret to say that too often these days my Smugmug account acts more as a bulk repository and archive for my photos than as a tool to display my work.

When I am not out hiking you can often find me firmly ensconced with my phone in hand, typically catching up on the blogs that I read or playing a game. These days I have given up online gaming, bowing to the increasing pressures of life. Perhaps one day I will return to the universe of EVE Online, or the forests and dales of Lord of the Rings Online, but I fear that it may be many eons before I do so again. What gaming I do manage these days tends to be casual gaming on my phone more than gaming on the computer.

However, long before I fell for the computer I fell for this strange thing called books. Yeah, those things made out of paper with ink on the pages. Science fiction and fantasy are my fiction of choice, and I now have a decent sized collection of these books in my library. You might stumble across the odd history or cultural book in my library, but the vast majority of it is fantasy or science fiction.



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