Review: The Musashi Flex

The Musashi Flex
The Musashi Flex by Steve Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On the whole I really enjoyed this book, and it was an interesting visit back to the universe of The Man Who Never Missed, which was the first Steve Perry book I ever read. Going back and seeing the formation of the movement which led to the education of this pivotal character provided some very interesting foundation material. After all these years it was nice to see this material come into publication in what will likely be the final book in this series. Fortunately, while it may be the final book in the series, it fills its role nicely and really does round out the series, providing it with a very different starting place than we might have ever imagined when we picked up the original book in the series.

Aside from the role the book plays in the series, the writing style of Perry has definitely shifted over the years. In many cases it has matured quite nicely, with the content being better assembled and more entertaining to read. I rarely find a point in his newer books where things start to lag and the story temporarily loses momentum. However, while his style has certainly matured over the years, there is another possible down side to how he writes today. These days he seems to enjoy writing multiple plot thread, stringing them along, developing them, and eventually (hopefully) bringing them all together in the end of the book. In some books he pulls this off rather well, but in others it feels more like he didn’t really have enough story to tell for one character to make it worth being a full book so he wrote a few other plot threads and loosely wove them into the original, thus fluffing the volume of the book. Fortunately, while we have multiple plot threads in this book, he does a much better job managing them, and begins bringing them to logical tie-in points over the course of the book. I can only hope that he manages future books with the same skill and talent that he displayed with this book rather than reverting to a style that really felt more like lazy writing than anything of any quality.

This book is a winner, filling a critically missing hole in the story, and is a worth addition to the library of anyone who was a fan of the original book in the seriesl

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