Review: Wildcats: Nemesis

Wildcats: Nemesis
Wildcats: Nemesis by Robbie Morrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I started reading this series when it was originally launched, and enjoyed it tremendously when I was purchasing it serially. When I found this volume at my local library, and it covered a period after I had stopped reading the series I hoped to find something that took me back to that time, and give me a good story in the process. Sadly I found myself disappointed on multiple levels. In retrospect I find that one element that I found difficult to swallow, namely the treatment of the female characters in the series, both artistically as well as how they were written as characters, is really no different from how it was when I originally read the series. I have grown and matured, and now find this treatment extremely distasteful, and until had not looked back at some of my reading history to see how my impression may have changed over the years. Sadly, I had matured and grown and the story did not do so, thus leaving me very disappointed.

The second issue I had with this volume was really the writing as a whole. I had remembered the series having more of a deeply layered plot that encompassed multiple issues. With this volume, while I found a plot that was overarching, it was pretty shallow, merely proving an excuse for a seemingly unending series of action scenes that really didn’t seem to have any purpose other than giving the artists something to draw. I don’t remember the series being like this when it started, but looking back I think I started seeing this trend which may have contributed to my stopping reading the series originally.

The only real redeeming value in the book was the artwork. Sure, it was a non-stop series of battle and action scenes, but the artwork portraying those scenes was actually very well done. The lines were clean and clear, and the colors were bold and well handled. Then again, Wildstorm and Image were always really good at providing top notch artwork in their books.

As a whole the book was not exactly great, but it wasn’t a complete loss either. I would love to rate it higher, and years ago I probably would have rated it higher, but these days I seem to have different expectations with my reading material. Frankly, this book did not meet my expectations.

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