Review: Starman: Sins of the Father

Starman: Sins of the Father
Starman: Sins of the Father by James Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had forgotten how much I liked this iteration of the Starman series. I was a big fan of the prior series of this name, and when it eventually collapsed under the weight of poor writing and artistic talent I waved it a sad farewell. When this series launched I ignored it as a poor pretender, without ever giving it a try. Years later I gave it a try, once it was firmly ensconced, and found that I actually enjoyed it, but I never made the effort to go back to the beginning…until now, even more years later.

What I have now learned is that the prose style of writing that I came to love about it were present from the very beginning. The writing is very much like reading a pulp novel, and the artwork matches the writing style very well. I have also learned that the roots of the character go even further back, and the original character of Starman was present in the early stages of the Justice Society of America (JSA) which was a precursor for the Justice League of America (JLA) with which most super hero comic fans are familiar. In this case the original Starman is the father to the hero, unwilling though he may be, of the current series. I finally learned how he took on the mantle and made it his own, perhaps more so than his father ever did.

I had a great time reading this volume and am eagerly awaiting additional volumes showing up at the library for me to read.

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