Review: The Myriad

The Myriad
The Myriad by R.M. Meluch
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Honestly, I am setting this book down having only read 1/4 of it, and at this time I don’t anticipate picking it up and finishing it. I found myself drowning in a sea of stereotypes for the various characters, and the one female Marine was the worst of the lot, having been written as nothing much more than a play toy for the men on the ship and a token to be tossed out for the pleasure of the first alien leader they encountered. I found this treatment of characters, fictional or otherwise, to be a very outdated style of writing and not one that I intend to read more. While Blue (the female character) was by far the worst example, the other primary characters were also similar walking cases of stereotypes.

Aside from my obvious distaste for the characterizations, the writing itself was actually rather solid with the potential to be quite engaging if I had been able to get past my issues with the characterizations. Maybe in the future I will pick it up again and finish the book, but it would have to be at a time when I don’t have anything else that I am even remotely interested in reading available to read.

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