Pet Rock @ Bedtime

My funny story for the night involves my youngest, and what ensued when he came to bed in our bed. He had refused to lay down and go to sleep in his own bed, so Sarah elected to go ahead and just lay down with him in our bed. While waiting for Sarah to get ready for bed I laid down beside him and told him to quiet down or he would wake my pet rock, and he wouldn’t want to do that since if it was woken up it might get angry. I pointed out the chunk of obsidian I use for energy storage and keep in the windowsill beside the bed as my pet rock. He kept sitting up, leaning over and looking at it, so I told him to stop looking at it or it might wake up.

Eventually Sarah came to bed and he sat up to tell her that he was afraid he would make my rock angry. So…while his back was turned I reached over, snagged the rock, and put it in bed beside him. When he finally calmed down and laid down again he laid up against it and jerked back up. He squirmed back up against Sarah, leaned out around me to look at the windowsill, then back at the rock, then back at the windowsill. I couldn’t help myself and played up the rock waking up and moving into bed with him. It took Sarah and I five minutes to get him to pet the rock, and then it was his best friend.

I guess I am going to have to put some stick-on eyes on it or something now…

Sometimes the simplest joys in life are in messing with the minds of your children.



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