Review: Stormwatch, Vol. 1: The Dark Side

Stormwatch, Vol. 1: The Dark Side
Stormwatch, Vol. 1: The Dark Side by Paul Cornell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of the few New 52 books that seems to have ignored the whole relaunch and re-image that the rest of the books seem to have undergone. However, while the story seems to pick up pretty much where it left off before, the story has undergone some changes. For example, I don’t recall the Martian Manhunter being part of the team before, and Apollo and Midnighter seem to have gone their own ways, at least at the start of the book, and seem to have no recollection of the earlier books. Perhaps this is the token effort to re-image and relaunch the series. Whatever. At least the characters we all love are back, and they seem to be the same characters, for better or for worse.

Did I like the book? Yeah, I think I did. It had some interesting complexity, though not too complex, and it certainly gave accurate portrayal to the characters involved. On the whole I think it was a very good effort and I look forward to seeing more of the series.

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