Review: Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis
Infinite Crisis by Geoff Johns
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was ultimately a well crafted story, but to me the downfall for it was that it became overly complex. In the end it was an endurance test for me to finish, something I am not used to feeling when reading Geoff Johns’ work. As always the characters were well crafted, and you really felt for them, but there were so many characters in the cast that in the end I simply stopped caring. It was too much emotional work to care about all these characters, and without that emotional connection the story starts to suffer. I suppose that it doesn’t help that I am familiar with the ultimate outcome as I am reading this book to fill in some gaps, and a lot of my more recent reading has been stories more recent in the storyline. If you haven’t already read further in the story this is a great volume to transition you into the more current stories. If you are already past this point and looking back to fill in cracks…you may find yourself with a love/hate relationship with this volume.

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