Review: The Death of Sleep

The Death of Sleep
The Death of Sleep by Anne McCaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Depending upon what way you look at it, this is either the first or the second book in the trilogy. Either way it is well worth the read. This was written back in the day when Anne McCaffrey was fostering new authors, and co-authoring books with them. Ah, the last glory days of Anne McCaffrey before the slide in quality she finally started to have in her writing.

At any rate, this is a great book typical of this era of science fiction writing, and has long been one of my favorites. I actually own a copy of this book, but it is currently buried in storage so I checked out a copy from the library instead of trying to dig it out of storage. Books like this I tend to return to every few years simply because they are such a joy for me to read. They aren’t heavy on the military or the combat, though there is some of both, and are heavy on character interaction and character growth, both of which are things I tend to enjoy in my reading material.

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5 responses to “Review: The Death of Sleep

  1. But, what is it about? What do you like about it?

  2. The answer to your first question is behind the link. I make it a practice to never talk about the story itself in my commentary because I hate reading spoilers in reviews. As to the second question, I think that the biggest factor for me is that this is what I refer to as a “warm fuzzy” book. It reminds me of my youth and the times when I initially read the book. The writing itself is typical of the time, and by today’s standards it probably doesn’t even measure up. The big draw for me to read this book is the nostalgia element more so than the writing itself.

    • I disagree — to an extent. Often people pick a book simply based on what it is about – -a few lines to that effect are always nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • (I meant including a brief summary in your review — sorry — wasn’t clear).

        I mark the parts of my reviews with *spoilers* for those exact reason — but, I tend towards the analysis, assuming that people will be finding the review who want an in depth look at it. A different philosophy and purpose I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Exactly. I don’t really write my reviews as an in-depth analysis of the material, whether it be book, graphic novel or movie. Instead what I try to capture are my own thoughts on it and my experience while reading it. Yes, there are times I might delve into a more technical aspect of things, such as my latest movie review, but for the most part my reviews are not about the plot as a whole, but my impressions upon completing the item being reviewed. I try to always include a link to a source document for the item being reviewed so that people can follow that link to obtain more information about the item I am reviewing. That will enable the reader access to a plot, series information, and a wealth of other reviews along with my own. I guess in some ways I view myself as a gateway for those other services, and simply adding my voice to a multitude of others.

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