Review: The Golden Age of the Sith

The Golden Age of the Sith
The Golden Age of the Sith by Kevin J. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read these stories before in single issue format, but that was many years ago. This was my first foray into Star Wars fiction outside of the movies, and this exposure generated a deep love for this time period in the Star Wars universe. As I am just now returning to this period it seemed appropriate to return to these original stories and refresh my memory on them before I moved forward with later collections.

As to the stories themselves, while rough around the edges they are well crafted and very engaging. The artwork is typical of this period for Dark Horse, and while not as pretty and smooth as work generated by Marvel or DC from the same era it fits the mood for these books quite well. All in all a very satisfying experience and well worth the trip down memory lane.

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