Review: Dream House (2011) – IMDb

Image Dream House (2011) – IMDb.

Originally this movie had not hit my radar, but in talking with a customer one night a few weeks ago this movie came up as highly recommended. I am a lover of psychological thrillers, and prefer that in a horror film. So, fully expecting this type of film, which nobody else in the family seems to like, I settled in to watch this when I got home from school tonight. What I got was a vastly different experience. Yes, it is a psychological thriller, but it is not a horror film any more than A Beautiful Mind is a horror film.

So, aside from a mild disappointment in not finding myself watching a horror film, I really did enjoy the film. Daniel Craig did a fantastic job with the character, well proving that he is more than just James Bond. Just watching his change of stance as the character evolves, and the expressions growing more and more haunted as the story progressed made it all worth it.

The film was very well put together, and the director and writers did a great job moving the story along. You really do wonder which is real and which is the fantasy life for a bit, unsure which to be wanting more. And in the end, with the merging of his fantasy with his memories with the real world before finally emerging into the real world. What a journey of the mind.

Would I watch this again? No, probably not, but I rarely watch a movie of this type more than once. The intensity of the film usually make a solid impression in my memories, and with movies like this it really is best (at least in my opinion) if you have no idea what is coming. Now, while I wouldn’t watch it again I did find it to be a very enjoyable film, and if I had to rate it (and Netflix rather encourages me to rate them) I would give it a solid 4 of 5 stars.



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2 responses to “Review: Dream House (2011) – IMDb

  1. Natalie

    I originally wanted to see “Dream House” in the theaters, but they seem not to last long and go straight to DVD. I had forgotten about this movie until I heard my co-worker at Dish talking about it. I decided to add this to my Blockbuster @home movie queue. I have one rental at home now that I’m going to return to the store tonight, and pick this up instead. This works well for me since I won’t have to wait for it in the mail, and I can return it the same day if I decide I no longer want it. I think with the big names in this movie it should be watchable despite it not being scary.

    • I love that my review has garnered enough attention to make it seem like a good place for social media marketers at Dish/Blockbuster to want to post a comment that is merely a thinly veiled marketing post. I decided to let it go through for a couple of reasons though. One, it is actually pretty well crafted. Two, it is from a competitor in the marketplace. Hmm…maybe this deserves a post of its own rather than just a comment reply.

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