I Passed!!!

Those who know me know just how much I hate math, and how much I struggle with it. Ironic when I actually do so well when doing data analytics. Go figure. At any rate, in my ongoing effort to finally finish my degree and get my Bachelors in Business Management it was necessary for me to take  College Math II yet again. I had completed this course when I was at Eastern Montana College back in the 80’s, and again when I was at ITT Tech in the 2000’s, but both of the course descriptions for these courses had them clearly flagged as  “not required for graduation” which meant that University of Phoenix, which does require the course, was unable to apply the credits earned at either school toward my credit requirements for my degree. As such…I had to take it yet again.

Now for the excitement part, and to give some context. Technically I have taken this course a total of 5 times now. Yes, you read that number correctly. At both of the prior schools I failed miserably to pass on my first attempt and had to take the class a second time, and when I completed the second attempt I barely scraped past with a very, very low level D- grade. One more wrong answer on the final and I would have failed.

So, clearly I struggle with this course. This time I passed it, and I passed it on the first try, and best of all….I got a C+ this time!!!!! Not only was it a C+, but my score was 79.07%!!! Maybe the material is finally sticking? I don’t know. All I know is that I finally passed that stinking class on the first try, leaving me with three more classed before I finally graduate.


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