Family Camping Trip Outings (2012)

Recently we joined the family for a family camping trip out at Ft. Stevens State Park. I haven’t been able to join the family for one of these for one reason or another for many years now…probably 7 or 8 of them come to think of it, and this was the first time the kids were exposed to my side of the family for more than the occasional holiday gathering. During the course of the trip we wandered about a bit and I finally remembered that I have this thing called a camera that I can use to capture some of those moments. This gallery actually encompasses three different locations, the first being the jetty and subsequent beach at Cape Disappointment Park in Washington. If you look closely at some of the shots you will see the dorsal fin of one of the dolphins that we spotted while out on the jetty. The next day we wandered off to Ecola State Park in Oregon followed by a visit to Seaside where we treated the kids to a ride on the carousel.


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