Review: The Speed of Dark

The Speed of Dark
The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I do not really know what I expected when I started this book. Perhaps a new telling of a Flowers for Algernon type of story. What I found was a profound story told in such a way that I related at a deep level to the character. It had me questioning my own thought processes, and the result is that I see the world just a little differently now. I can honestly state that I have never read a story that triggered this type of reaction in me before, and I doubt that I will find another such story in the future.

The story itself is a tried and true model of self-discovery for the primary character as he struggles with a life altering decision, and then the repercussions of the decision that is made. The primary purpose of the story is to enable the reader to see the world through the eyes of the primary character, facilitating understanding of how somebody with autism sees the world and how they cope with it.

While I have family who suffer from this, and know children of friends who also deal with this condition, I don’t think I truly understood just how the person dealing with it themselves sees the world. This book has changed that for me, and my own world will never be the same.

The story is fantastic and I cannot recommend it strongly enough to other readers.

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