Family Photo Tour

When my Uncle Lynn Osborne came up to visit in September, 2009 he gave me an envelope full of pictures of the family that he has collected over the years. Today I finally decided to get on with it and scan those pictures so that we have an electronic copy of them. Now, some nine hours later I am finally uploading those pictures.

There was quite a lot of work involved with this process, but thanks to even more hard work by my uncle the process was actually made a lot easier than it could have been. The man wrote detailed notes on the backs of the pictures with names, dates and locations whenever possible. Over the years, in visiting with family, he would take pictures of pictures that they might have of the family, and the frame shadows clearly identify these pictures.

Once I had them all scanned I did some basic color balancing and contrast adjustments to at least do a little to clean up the images. In some cases I took color pictures and turned them into black and white pictures because the color degradation was too bad, and I got a clearer picture without the color. I also put some effort into tagging the people and locations in the pictures, not only in the caption, but also in the meta data. Unfortunately, while I was able to add this data, my preferred photo archive site does not seem to recognize it. Fortunately, while it is my preferred, I do use alternatives as well, just to make sure that I don’t keep all my pictures in one location. The Google service does make use of this data and provides some interesting ways of looking at the pictures by placing them on a map as well as the more traditional photo gallery.

Family Photo Archive

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