Review: The High King of Montival (Emberverse, #7)

The High King of Montival (Emberverse, #7)The High King of Montival by S.M. Stirling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want more! The threads all started coming together again, and the tapestry is really coming together quite clearly. Yes, the ending of the series is obvious, and the culmination of this book was clear before I even cracked the cover. However, the obviousness of the overarching plot is not why I read this series. Rather, for me, the point of the series is to watch the story unfold to the inevitable ending. The journey is the point, and the story that enfolds that oh so obvious conclusion. We are now seven books into what is sure to be at least nine books, and I do NOT want to wait for the next book in the series. Unfortunately my desire to close the covers on this book and open the next in the series has been thwarted by the necessity of the author actually transitioning the story from his mind to the published work that I so desperately want.

Yes, this is a retelling of the Arthurian legends, reworked to fit the setting. Yes, the conclusion is inevitable and obvious. What is not so obvious is the little stories that create the tapestry of this story. The characters that enter our lives through the journeys of the protagonists. The characters that we grow to love, and the characters that grow and evolve over the course of the series. These are the reasons I keep coming back to these books, and what made this book so difficult for me to put down. Now that I have finished the book I am forced to patiently wait for the next one to be published. I do NOT want to be patient.

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