Pumpkin Patch

When will I learn to always take the camera with me? Ah well, at least the cell phone pictures aren’t horrid.

Why the lamentations? Because yesterday we took the kids on their first trip to the pumpkin patch, and I left the camera at home. Sarah asked me if I wanted to go back to get it, but I did the typical male thing of not wanting to go back for something and bulled forward without it. Now, the next day, I really wish that I had simply turned around, drove the 1/4 mile back home and got the camera. Ah well, my lack of camera didn’t have any impact upon the fun the children had yesterday.
Lee Farms, our local pumpkin patch, has a lot of great things for the kids, and while we didn’t indulge in any of the things that required us to purchase tickets, we did have a blast by simply walking around and enjoying what was out to see and do. Our first stop was the box filled with chicks outside the barn/store, and the kids all got a nice experience petting the chicks. The looks on their faces was adorable.
We wandered into the store to see what was there and then headed back out to wander around some more. The kids weren’t really interested in the selection of pumpkins already extracted from the growing patch, so we headed on up to the chicken cage/pen/whatever it is called. One especially memorable moment was Caulla telling me that the chicken wanted out and pointing into the coop where one of the hens was raising a ruckus. I showed Caulla the door that they use and she watched the hen come out. They really got a kick out of looking at the chickens wander around in their home.
Next up was the pen holding a nice sized sow and a few piglets. If I thought that the kids were entranced by the chickens it was nothing compared to how they watched the piglets. Caulla would have stayed crouched in front of the pen watching for hours without complaint. Looking over past her I spotted Tiernan standing there, hands on his hips, watching just as intently. Wonder where he picked up that habit? 🙂 Then some other people showed up to take a look and Caulla proceeded to give them a safety instruction session.
After that we just kind of wandered around, eventually making our way to the growing patch, commenting on the tomato bushes just growing along with the gourd vines. We didn’t find anything all that remarkable in the patch, and it was obvious that the majority of the better looking gourds had been moved up closer to the store where all the activities were set up.
As Lee Farms is also a small scale Christmas Tree farm we wandered over into that part of the operation and looked around, talking about what type of tree we might like to get for Yule this year since we are finally in a place where we might consider putting up a tree. Hmm…come to that, a Yule Log might be in order as well as we have a functional fireplace… Have to talk about that one with Sarah.
In the end we came back up to the pile of pumpkins spread out by the store to see if we could find one that everyone liked. Alas, after looking over the selection nobody could come to a conclusion about any that anybody wanted so we left without purchasing a pumpkin. We did purchase a gallon of fresh pressed apple cider much to the delight of all present.
So, we had a great time while we were there, and went on to have a fun day visiting friends and such, generally enjoying a day out of the house as a family.

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