Heathen Times

Alter TableMy life as a Heathen sure has undergone a lot of growth in the last couple of months. Strange to see it all happen, but so very happy to see it happening. Having Sarah open herself to the possibility that she might find a home in being Heathen has done so much for us. I really can’t believe just how much has opened up because of that one simple act. As a result she was standing by my side yesterday when we participated in the Midwinter Blot with the folk of Sturm-Hrafn. I wish that I had the words to truly express the feelings that I had yesterday, and still have today when thinking about it. My children love the folk that are part of this, and the twins fell asleep in the arms of people that were complete strangers to us two months ago last night. My heart just melts when I think about seeing Jeff Peck with one of them (I think it was Caulla) asleep on his shoulder as we sat around the fire finishing the evening with an informal symbel.

These folk have opened their hearts and literally bent over backwards to help us. Bert took in the kids when we rushed to the hospital to be by Dad’s side after his stroke (or whatever the doctors decide to finally call what happened) just days before we were scheduled to move to our new place.They chipped in to help us move, and as a result we had one of the smoothest moves that either of us has ever had. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Violet went with Sarah over to the old place yesterday morning to help finish up with packing up and moving the last of what was left behind and then tackle the monumental task of cleaning the place before turning in the keys. She then took charge of getting the kids ready to head over to her home for the Midwinter Blot while Sarah and I got ourselves ready to go. As if that wasn’t enough, Bert made sure that my hair was cut before an important job interview Friday morning.

In such a short period of time we feel like these people are part of our family, and we truly feel that they have accepted us as part of theirs. For years I have talked to Sarah about how I wished we lived closer to Jotun’s Bane Kindred so that we might be part of what they have happening. Now I am looking at what is happening right here, and what we seem to be part of already, and I find myself wanting to help these folk build something instead of wanting to become part of something somewhere else. Instead of focusing my energies thinking about what others have I should focus those energies upon helping what is already here to grow and become strong.



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4 responses to “Heathen Times

  1. >>I find myself wanting to help these folk build something instead of wanting to become part of something somewhere else.

    Rather than upset me, this makes me quite happy. That’s the way its supposed to be. Just remember, Gebo, gift seeks a gift. You be as good to them as they are being to you! As yall’s bonds strengthen, the “engine” will begin to start running. Let honour guide your actions, build your gefrain, build your Luck, and you will begin to see the radical change in your life.

    Always remember the Gebo though.

    I am quite happy for you guys. If there is anything, all you have to do is ask. However, you got a good folk to build with, so you don’t exactly need me or JBK. … and that’s OK!

  2. I’m so excited for you guys! There is nothing like that “click” of meeting good people. I’m glad you’re getting settled in, can I help you with meals yet?

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