Personal security devices will create a stilted society… | ZDNet

Personal security devices will create a stilted society… | ZDNet

via Personal security devices will create a stilted society… | ZDNet.

A chilling and very believable prediction of our near future, and a column that will certainly give you something to think about. The implications of this technology being so readily available can be quite shocking. Aside from the obvious loss of personal privacy, what are the legal implications? Already we are seeing the side effect of a legal system that is a decade or more behind the curve of technology, and the problems that this is causing. What happens to privacy laws when this becomes common? Another problem to consider is that things stored in the so-called cloud are much easier for law enforcement to obtain legally, and any of your data stored there is not protected by the same laws as the data you have stored on a computer at home. Think about that one for a moment and tell me that you didn’t have a tiny shudder crawl up your spine.

And don’t think that this isn’t already starting to be a reality. Aside from cell phones, there are video recorders that are starting to integrate WiFi and similar technology into the devices. The next generation of Kindle is reputed to have a camera integrated into it. Point-and-shoot cameras are already starting to appear with integrated wireless technology. Get any of these devices into range of a compatible wireless communication connection and selected contents will be automatically synced up in the cloud. With regards to phones, good luck finding a phone that doesn’t have a camera built in these days, and for the most part those cameras are capable of recording video.

The technology is already here, and it is getting easier and easier to make it less and less obvious. Just what are the implications of this? Read the article and think about it. Let me know when you crawl back out from under the rock that you are going to want to hide under.


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