The Magic of Faerieworlds 2010

I have spent the last couple of days really dwelling on how disappointed I was in the event, and tonight I realized just how much that disappointment was overshadowing the magic and joy that we also had while we were there. Right from the very start the place felt special to us. When we were just starting to set up the tent we had a butterfly come to visit. Dragonflies were found in abundance. Even a playful dust devil went romping through the camp area at one point. We really did feel the spirit of the place, and it was as if that spirit had come out to play at the event that was being held to celebrate that very spirit.

I have never felt so easy with nature as I did this weekend. The creatures were so welcoming, and really did seem to respond to my greetings and thanks. Breezes sprang up just when we needed them to, and clouds appeared as if by magic at just the right moments. There was an aura of peace over the whole place, and when I embraced that peace in spirit it was truly a magical experience. Even the music managed to get to me on more than one occassion. For example, I normally don’t do more than tap my foot or do a little drumming on something when I feel moved by music, but on more than one ocassion I was moved to really move, at least for me. I did more than sway. I bounced, I hopped, and I started moving about, dancing just a bit with the music. Nothing major, at least to others, but it was the most expressive that I have ever been to music, and it felt natural.

Yes, it was overly commercial for my taste, or perhaps I just didn’t find that any of the merchants really had anything of interest to me. Or perhaps it was that we went to the event on a shoestring, and because I didn’t have any spare funds to buy I felt negatively about the proliferation of merchants.

Yes, some people partied through the night, and their revels disrupted my sleep. However, perhaps I should see it from another perspective, and realize and recognize the joy that I heard in their voices as they enjoyed each other’s company. Perhaps I need to remember times when I was part of such parties, and how easy it was to lose myself in that fun and forget about being courteous to others camped around us.

Perspective. It really is a matter of perspective. When was the last time my children played so freely, with such abandon, and with such joy? When was the last time we felt that we could let them run about and enjoy themselves while we sat with our books and our coffee and just enjoy them having fun?

The smile of pure joy on my daughter’s face as she took my hat and wore it herself. The coy look of my youngest as he took off with my stocking cap. The look of love and devotion on my wife’s face as she cuddled one of them. The look of joy on her face as she relaxed in the embrace of the river. These were all such priceless moments, such moments of magic, and they happened because we chose to go to this event that celebrates the magical nature of Earth.

This was a magical and fun time, and I need to focus on that and remember that instead of focusing so much on the negative.


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