Faerieworlds 2010 – Day 3

We did NOT sleep well last night. The large group a few sites over came back from the concert and decided to party it up all night long. The kids slept, but their sleep was fitful at best. Sarah and I slept in short stretches between the yelling and other party noises. I remember hearing one of the gals, presumably responding to somebody asking them to quiet down, that they were going to party all night, and nobody was going to sleep. This set up massive cheering from the others. Ugh. Talk about inconsiderate! This was supposed to be quiet camp, with the partying taking place in the Inner Grove site which was directly adjacent to the event site. Only later did we learn that apparently the Outer Grove (i.e. Quiet Camp) was unofficially divided up into three camps: Family Camp, Quiet Camp, and Party Camp. Apparently we had placed ourselves in Party Camp, thinking that the entire thing was Quiet Camp as was advertised when we purchased our tickets.

So, we got a slow start this morning, and pretty much let the kids run wild, screaming and shouting as much as they wanted. My thought at the time was that if they were trying to sleep, too damned bad. They didn’t let me sleep well so why should I let them? (referring to the party animals) As I was coming back from the Honey Buckets I overheard another parent from a campsite on the other side of the party talking to his party about somebody approaching him and asking him if he could quiet his kids. He responded that they were not his kids, and even if they were he was not inclined to quiet them down. Huzzah!

So, tired and cranky, we spent the morning in camp trying to decide what to do. The day started out with a medium to heavy mist, so that rather dampened our spirits. Fortunately we noticed the heavy dew already collecting when we came back from the concert the night before and we went ahead and put the rain fly on the tent before we went to bed. If we had decided to not worry about it we would have woken up rather wet, which would have really made things a lot worse.

While Sarah was gone to the Honey Buckets we had another large party come and unload to visit the site behind us. In watching them I saw the pot pipes come out, and the clouds of marijuana smoke came rolling our way. That was the final straw for me, and as Sarah had already been making noise about wanting to go home I was all prepared to go ahead and pack up camp, and told Sarah as much when she got back.

Packing up camp as the day is approaching the heat of the day is not exactly fun. The morning mist had burned off and moved on while Rowan was napping, leaving us in the full sun. Yes, it helped in drying out the tent for us so that we didn’t have to worry about that, but cleaning out the tent and breaking it down in the heat of the sun is not exactly something I call fun. Still, faced with the potential of the same experience as the prior night, and no real desire to go back to the event site even if it was Family Day, we buckled down and got the job done.

We decided to try a different packing approach for the trip back, primarily because this trip was the first time we had used the overhead storage bin for the car, so we wanted to try a different approach to see if it would work better. For future reference, the first approach was the better one. Getting the bag up on the car once we had it loaded was back-breaking work, and in the end we had less room in the car to stow stuff than we had on the trip down. Lessons learned, eh?

We ran into heavy traffic about 25 miles south of Salem, and it continued for a good 10 miles or more. We had clear roads again until we started running into stop-and-go traffic again around Woodburn, so we jumped off of I-5 and took the back roads route home, stopping in Newburg to pick up some food for dinner. While there we decided to go ahead and change dipes, which proved to be a painful experience for Caulla who decided to play with the bathroom door while Sarah was changing Rowan, and managed to get her finger caught. She didn’t break it, but we were not sure about that for awhile. This morning she woke up and the swelling was all gone and she is using it as normal. It seems a bit tender, but she forgets about it when playing.

We got into town around 7:30, and after unpacking the storage bag before pulling it down, Sarah went in to start working on dinner while I finished unloading the car and hauling everything in. We got it all done, and it was nice to get home. Yeah, we had some cranky kids, and Sarah and I were dragging our rumps because of how tired we were from lack of sleep and then packing up camp, but we were happy to be home.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on this final day, but the gallery of those photos can be found at the following link: Faerieworlds 2010 – Day 3 Gallery


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