Wil Wheaton, A Father of my Generation

I am man enough to admit it, I originally tracked down Wil’s blog simply because he was somebody I remembered from the days when I used to watch Star Trek all the time. Unlike many, I actually liked his work as an actor, and really enjoyed his character portrayal in the show.

Now, after spending months reading his blog and his other work, I find that I have a hard time remembering that child actor. Instead I have in my mind a picture of a man who is close to my age, who is a father, and who is a very talented writer.  Wil strikes a chord in me on many levels, whether it be music, general geekiness, or now as a father. My children are just barely a year old now, but after reading his latest column in the LA Weekly I find a renewed desire to celebrate each day of my children’s lives for fear that I may miss something important simply because I was distracted by earning a living so that I could put food on the table.

Follow this link and see what I mean: http://blogs.laweekly.com/ladaily/wil-wheaton/los-angeles-winter-on-mute-end/



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3 responses to “Wil Wheaton, A Father of my Generation

  1. jglane

    This takes me back! Wil has children the age he was when I first saw him on Star Trek. I haven’t thought about him in a long time. He’s done well as a father. His kids must be proud of him.

  2. hafidha sofia

    It’s hard for me to imagine him as any older than he was in the Star Trek series … I remember him from his earliest movies, and I actually follow him on Twitter, but haven’t read his blog. I had no idea his kids were adolescents. Oh wow. *gulp* Dude, we’re grown ups!

  3. If you watch Leverage you may catch him as he was up here shooting for the show recently.

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