Work Updates

Well, once more I have let far too much time go by between postings. Such is life I suppose, and life is what seems to always get in the way of my posting updates. So, without further ado, it is time to get to the updates.

 First up, for those following the continuing saga of my employment issues, I am still employed. The temporary work assignment that was to carry me through to the middle of January has been extended, and now I am looking at early April as my new final date. Of course that is all presuming that things don’t change here at work, and the stage is set for some really nice changes. Back in October I was brought over to a fledgling unit that was created to address problems stemming from the economic environment that we are now dealing with. At the time the group was less than a year old, but it was getting some pretty high profile attention within the company. I was brought in with express instructions to take the odd assortment of tasks that they would be tossing at me and forging a position from them, and thus prove the need to make it a permanent position. If we could pull this off, the intent was to have the position officially created, and then I would post for it and interview for it.

All this was hinged to the thought that the hiring freeze would be lifted at the start of the New Year, but that hasn’t happened yet, likely because of the complexity of merging the two company’s HR departments and job boards. Indications are that this will be resolved in the next month, and things are looking quite positive. They can’t come right out and say anything, but I have been advised that there is strong approval behind the proposal to make all this happen. The chain of events that must follow is that once the freeze is lifted the proposal to create the position can be officially submitted, and if approved the position would then be created. From there I would still have to post my resume for the position, and then interview for it, but with being the one who created it in the first place…yeah, you can see the possible chain of events there as well as I can can’t you?

So, while things are still nebulous, there are solid indicators that this will all change before the extension expires. Hopefully by the time Sarah gives birth to the newest addition to our family I will once more be permanently employed by this company rather than floating in the nebulous cloud of uncertainty that has existed since last April.

I was going to post some children updates, but this is getting long, so those will have to wait for another post. At least that means I have something to talk about for another post, eh?


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