Family Additions

It is official. I have been instructed by my mother-in-law to keep my super-spermmies to themselves. Yes folks, yet again we are expecting. It is a bit early to determine how many there are, and various sources have claimed that we have anywhere from one to four growing in there. One would be optimal. I would love for Sarah to be able to experience something more along the lines of a “normal” pregnancy and birth experience, especially in light of how traumatic the first time around was for us. Whether that is what is in store for us…your guess is as good as anyone’s at this point.

This does present some other complications that even now we are pondering how to address. For example, we are going to need a larger vehicle. There is simply no way that we can fit more than 2 car seats in either of our vehicles. Then there are the living conditions. HUD standards dictate 2 residents per bedroom. This will put us one over that limit unless we get into a larger apartment. Fortunately we have much of the physical infrastructure already in place, what with diapers, clothes and the like, so there won’t be added expenses there, but…another baby?!?

We are bouncing back and forth between shock and joy right now, wondering how we are going to do all the things we feel that we need to do…


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One response to “Family Additions

  1. Sheila

    Okay! What is the news?? Do we have one baby or more?
    I wish you all the best!

    I have news! I got married last week!!


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