Doormat or Steadfastness?

Recently the topic of Honour has been coming up a lot in different places that I frequent. It has also been coming up in conversation a lot lately, typically tied in with my continuing to work past the original layoff date, and the work that is being expected of me during this extension period. Many have voiced concerns that I am acting like a doormat, letting myself be walked upon, but I feel differently, and have been trying to find a way to express my take on all of this. Following is what I came up with during that self-examination of my experiences.

My personal take on it is that I have a commitment to my direct boss, though not necessarily to the company as a whole, and he has not broken that trust. If anything he has gone above and beyond in trying to help me deal with what his boss decided to do. As such, since I still work for him, I feel obligated to do my best work for him, even when doing so will go unappreciated by his boss. He is one of those rare bosses that you seldom encounter in Corporate America. I have worked closely with him for a number of years, and he has been extremely supportive of me, even during times of high stress. He has had my back, and has protected me when others have wanted to replace me. Even this last time he went to bat for me, but this time he was not victorious. As such I work my heart out for him. I feel that doing less would be a breach of my oath to him.

I realize that this sounds a bit convoluted, but at the moment that is how it is in my mind. I am struggling to get a solid grasp on this concept and how it applies to my life. The principles are ones that have been ingrained in me from an early age by witnessing the actions of my elders. Every time I try to step back and look at things from the perspective of my friends, who all feel that I am allowing myself to be used and abused, I see instead the example my ancestors set for me. When I take the time to meditate upon those who have passed before, time after time I get the very solid impression that I am on the right path, that I need to stand strong and continue to do my best, and they will be proud of the honour that I bring to them by living up to the example that they set for me.



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2 responses to “Doormat or Steadfastness?

  1. Eric

    Good for you! You are defined by your actions, not by the way they treat you. Their actions, of course, define who they are. Choose the right path and be called righteous. Be honorable and be called the same.

  2. Ironically, simply posting this helped many understand why I have been doing what I have been doing. Somehow the act of sitting down and writing it out helped me definitively define what was driving and motivating me, and by being solid with my focus it has helped convince people that I am doing what I feel to be right.

    I wish that I could say that this has resulted in improvements in the job situation, but it hasn’t generated anything that I have been witness to. What it has done is help me be more at peace with what is happening to me.

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