Midwifery TodayWho would have thought it? I certainly didn’t anticipate it, but here I am a published writer. Years ago, as a teen, I dreamed of being a writer, and spent hours at the typewriter (yes, we used those back then) writing stories and the like. I still have copies of most of those stories somewhere, but I never had the courage to try to seek publication. Now, seemingly out of left field, I find myself published simply because I felt a need to document my experience as a participant in the birth of my children.

Today I have in my hands the most recent issue of Midwifery Today (Summer 2008, Number 86), and my article is right near the front on page 12. The layout is very nice, and they selected some very cute pictures of the twins. Sarah is stoked at seeing the article in print, though she is disappointed that they did not select a picture with her in it.

Published…what next? Do I see about getting more published? I truly don’t know. Long ago I gave up the dream of being a writer, feeling that my skills were far more suited to being an editor than in being a writer. Yes, I can be quite eloquent in what I write, but I have a horrid time trying to come up with something to write if I am writing fiction. Of course, that in and of itself may be the key. Perhaps I need to work on writing about my life and my experiences rather than something in fiction. Will people read it, want to read it, or even care enough to want to see it published? I don’t have a clue. For now I think that I will content myself with simply trying to keep my blog updated from time to time and not worry about getting published again.

NOTE: I have updated the post with a link to the PDF of the article as it was published as provided by the publisher.



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3 responses to “Published!!!

  1. “Years ago, as a teen, I dreamed of being a writer, and spent hours at the typewriter (yes, we used those back then) writing stories and the like.”

    It’s always nice to hear that dreams do come true. Congrats.

  2. Krista

    I can vouch, it is a GREAT article.

    I wish I had a typewriter. My mom always used to use one, they seem so foreign now.

  3. Eric

    The emotion conveyed in the article turned into a roller-coaster event. Outstanding article to say the least!

    I can honestly say that even though I knew the outcome of the story before reading it, I still found myself rooting for the positive outcome.

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