Badger Boy!

Sometime around 4 this morning Sarah woke me up, asking where Tiernan was. I mumbled something about him being asleep at my back, and reached for him to confirm. I kept reaching….sure that he was there. After all, I could feel him kicking me in the rump, and he had been doing it for a bit now… Finally I got my hands on him, except what I got a handful of was not feet, but his head. Somehow, during the night, he managed to squirm down under the blankets and get turned sideways, with his head bumping up against my rump. I dragged him out of there and back up near the head of the bed, but by the time I got up at 6:00 he was halfway back down. Apparently I have a badger for a son, what with the way he seems to burrow under the covers.


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Filed under Children, Fatherhood

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