Laid Off!

I always knew that it was a possibility, but I never really thought that it could happen to me…until today. Today I was advised that due to “changing business needs” and “being overstaffed” I was being laid off from my current job. Shocked, I sat there while my HR Consultant went over the paperwork with me, covered my transition time (60 days) where I would still be employed by Wells, and the continuing salary benefits once that 60 days was over.

Laid off…my mind is still reeling in shock. What about school? How will we live? Will Sarah have to go back to work? Can I find another job in time? All of these questions are chasing themselves around in my mind like a dog chasing its tail. I do not have answers. I know what I need to do, but I have yet to grasp the reality of this situation.

The obvious next step is to find a new job, preferably within Wells so that I do not lose my benefits. This also provides me that opportunity to seek something in the tech field that I have been too afraid to go look for since it would mean starting over. Guess what? I have to start over anyway! Why not reach for the stars and try for something different?

So I am sitting here, at my computer at home, trying to get some of this down, hoping that by writing about it I can come to terms with this reality.


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