Energy Debt

I find myself in a bit of a low point today. I was looking forward to gaming this weekend, but everyone in the house is coming down with some sort of bug, so we will be staying home instead. I think the real problem is that I need a vacation, a chance to truly unwind and recharge. Maybe let some creativity out to explore and have fun. Instead, I get home from work to a household that is still full of boxes that need unpacking. Sarah has been doing great without me, but I need to pull my weight with this so that she doesn’t have to do it all. Unfortunately I also have to go to work, and by the time I get home from work she needs a break from the kids, then we have dinner, and the whole time we have the kids to deal with…then it is time for bed. Day after day this is the pattern, but I am going to try to fight past that and start helping out more with the unpacking.

So energy is at an all time low right now, especially in the aftermath of the moving.


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  1. Krista

    Blame it on global warming.

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