Yesterday was one of those rare sunny days that we sometimes get in the springtime here in Oregon. We have been packing up to move to our new place, but yesterday was just too good a day to waste. We packed the kids in the car and decided to go for a drive, maybe to a local park to get some sun and fresh air. Well…one thing led to another, and we found ourselves on Hwy. 30 headed toward the coast. Normally we take Hwy. 26 to the coast as it is a straight shot out from Hillsboro, but we wanted something different. Neither of us had taken this route before, so it was all fresh sights for us.

The drive was quite nice, with all the windows open. The twins cooperated nicely, sleeping for much of the drive as we wound our way up the highway and along the Columbia River as it carved its way to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the views were simply breathtaking, especially the way the Coast Range just rather melted away down to the river basin. I do not think I have ever seen anything quite like it before. We did see signs of damage from the flooding this region saw earlier in the winter, but the damage did not appear to be very great in any of the populated areas.

One thing that reared up out of the landscape was the Longview Bridge, arcing up over the Columbia River, linking Oregon to Washington. I entertained thoughts of crossing the bridge, but that one looked…narrow, and I have problems with bridges like that. As Sarah and I discussed the possible merits of taking the bridge across, and getting pictures of the twins on their first trip outside of Oregon, we eventually elected to simply pass it by and continue on our way to the coast.

As we rolled into Astoria, we saw a sign for a Rogue Public House, but had a difficult time locating it until we stopped and asked for directions. The place turned out to be in an old warehouse out on a dock on the Eastern side of town, and to get to it we had to drive out on a narrow pier. By narrow, I mean that it was one car width wide! We got in and settled down for a meal, and were quite pleased with the quality of what we ordered. The only real downside to me was that the one beer that I liked from the sampler that we ordered tapped out and the bartender never had a chance to change out the keg. Even so, I will do my best to remember to order it again if we ever manage to make our way out there.

By then the sun was starting to slip down behind a heavy fog bank out on the Pacific, but we decided that we really needed to go for a walk. We pulled the stroller out of the trunk, bundled the kids into it, and went for a walk along the trolley line. It was nice to just get out and walk with Sarah and the kids. We keep meaning to do that, but we never seem to find the time in the evenings anymore. We started getting a bit chilly so we packed everyone back into the car, this time electing to take the Astoria Bridge across to Washington, just to see what it was like. It was a long bridge, but certainly not as bad as I had thought it might be. By the time we got turned around and headed back to Oregon the sun was setting. Not the ideal time of day to visit the beach, but we headed south to Seaside anyway. We settled for doing the roundabout in downtown Seaside with the windows open to catch the sea air, and then headed back home.

As we got closer to home we started thinking about the new apartment, and elected to swing off and head into Forest Grove. We wanted another look at the place so we could settle some ideas in our minds as to where we wanted to place different things. The place is certainly going to be cozy, but we think we have figured out a way to maximize the kitchen, and even some of the rest of the living space. Now we just need to do the actual moving of things. Easier said than done, but at least we will be carrying everything down the stairs this time rather than up them. Down is always easier!

So today we will be spending time packing boxes of books and such down to the Volvo, maybe packing down one or two of the tall bookcases as well. Thus shall we begin the move, box by box, trip by trip, over the next couple of weeks.


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