Moving & Culling

This week I have had to do something that was incredibly difficult. I had to cull my library. This was especially difficult when I had already considered my library to be pared down to the books that I valued. But Sarah and I are moving to a smaller place in our efforts to cut down on costs, and there just isn’t the room for a large library there. So I went through the library and truly looked at the books, deciding whether what I had in my hand was something I would want to read time and time again. If not it went into a box to go to Powell’s for reselling. I was actually quite surprised to find that I had managed to cull close to 50% of my library doing this. I had some good books, but when I applied these criteria things changed quite a bit. Now I have books that I know are ones that I will enjoy reading over and over again.

Next up is my comic collection. Over the prior summer I managed to cut it down by 50%, but I need to cull it further. I have roughly 12 short boxes, and by my best guess I will have space for 4 of them in the new place. If I thought the books were hard the comic collection is going to be excruciating. My magazine collection is another story, and what with many publications keeping back issues online in PDF format there really is no reason for me to keep the hardcopies any longer. So those are headed out, maybe to a library for donation, or maybe just the recycling bin. And then there are the clothes…


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