Dreams and Revelations

 This morning I woke up with the distinct impression that I had just visited Jotun’s Bane Kindred. I dimly recall a dream in which I had traveled to the mid-west of our country to meet up with this group. I remember seeing some faces familiar only from photos, and the feeling of complete welcome. There was a lot of jocularity as people filtered in, and some actually recognized me though I hadn’t introduced myself. I have this strange memory of an exchange where a young lady wanted to know what was different in my part of the country, and if we did things the same way there. She was asking me a raft of questions along this line when an older woman led her away, telling her to let the visitor catch his breath. Things faded out from there and then my alarm clock started bleating for attention.

One thing that really stood out from this dream, aside from what I have already described, was the depth of warmth and welcome I felt. This was the warmth you only feel from a group of people who know you, who have been with you through some of the fires and tribulations that we all endure, and seen me through to the other side with a sense of victory. I am normally fairly articulate, but I find myself at a loss to truly describe the depth of feeling that I felt at that moment in my dream.

So what does this dream mean? There are two things that come to mind. One, that I have found fellowship with this group of people, and feel that I can trust them at this level. Two, that I have the desire to actually meet all of them face to face, and get to know them as more than a presence online.

For some of my readers this desire to visit and my association with this kindred may trigger a question. Questions are good, and answers are better, right? Well the answer to this question may surprise some in my life.

You see, I have been wandering in my faith for many years now. Yes, I have lived the life of a Christian, but I haven’t believed it deep in my heart for many years now. Only recently have I had the courage to recognize this and seek something that I can believe in. I encountered the belief in the Old Norse Gods in my wanderings, and it struck a chord in my heart. That chord resonated of truth, and the more I examined it the more this path felt right for me. As such I have elected to embrace this, and am now following the path of this belief, and I am embracing the values of the Asatru faith as my own.

There is far more to it than that, and perhaps one day I will write about it, but for now this is all I am willing to impart.



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5 responses to “Dreams and Revelations

  1. Geoffrie, we’ve enjoyed getting to know you…in an “internet” sort of way. And you would always be welcome for a visit, in dreams or in person.

    Congrats on taking the step…and welcome home. Welcome back to the Folk.


    Mark Stinson

  2. Krista

    Oh my Jeff, I can’t believe you kept this quiet. I commend you on your journey. And if you need me to take your children to church I can. Kidding! Please don’t sic Sarah on me.

  3. Sarah

    I’m gonna get you! No I won’t I love you too much to do that.

    Isn’t it marvelous how we all decide to grow up one day? WE decide to look and think for our own purposes rather than be a blind little sheep following everyone else around. It can be quite a heady feeling when you realize that you are making all of your decisions on your own after weighing what is right for you. Hopefully the people around you will see it for the inner strength that each of us has and will support it. However many times they don’t. Many times it is met with resistance and disbelief.

    So Jeff congrats for thinking for yourself and moving forward in the journey of your life. While it may not always be the easiest road it is going to be the road that you need to be on.

    I love you and stand by you on this journey.

  4. Eric

    Ah, many questions are now answered. I am glad that you are happy with your decision. I will of course be where I have always been. When things have settled with yourself, I would like to ask you questions that I would guess that you are not comfortable answering yet. I still love you as a brother and as a Brother. I (we) wish you long life and many happy blessings.

  5. Answers to questions are always good, but answers may not always come in the time or place desired. Some, Eric for example, have seen some of the journey I have been on for years. He is a Christian brother strong in his own faith, and for many years I allowed myself to live in his shadow, happy to have somebody to guide me. But things changed in my life, and I was no longer content to follow that path, desiring to be my own person instead. Some of those early flounderings were evident, as were my attempts to avoid anything that would challenge my Christian faith, that even then I knew was shaky. I even mentioned as such on several occassions. But as Sarah mentioned, eventually we all have to grow in our lives, and in my growth I discovered that I was not following a path that felt true in my heart. I believe that I have now found the correct path, and there is a calmness in my heart and a certitude in my mind that this choice is the true one for me. My wife has her own beliefs, and we will raise our children with an openness to a variety of beliefs, teaching them our own values, and allowing them to make their own choices as they get old enough to seek truths of their own.

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