Finally Home!

Yesterday we were finally able to bring Caulla home. Talk about a happy day. Sarah and I both had this silly little grin on our faces on the drive home. We could finally stop being polite to the people who wanted to tell us that having the twins at home was a bad decision, and who insisted upon telling us all about the proper way to care for our little ones. We actually had to sit through an education session at the hospital before they would do the release. Still, we escaped and brought our treasure home.
At first I was afraid that I would have a hard time telling the two of them apart when crying, but no fear of that now. Caulla does this little whimpering thing as she gets started. Tiernan though…talk about a little fusser! The way he stretches out his neck and scrunches up his face…I have taken to calling him “My Little Gollum.”

Last night was our first night co-sleeping with both of them, and it worked out quite well. Caulla slept beside me, and Tiernan beside Sarah. Tiernan actually slept fairly well, even getting in a 6 hour sleep marathon session. Unfortunately Caulla is still on the hospital schedule, so she was awake several times throughout the night. We are hoping that she will adjust to Tiernan’s schedule though. That would simplify things tremendously…

For those enjoying the pictures, there are a couple more galleries up and available for viewing at this link:

Time to go. The twins are fed, the update is written, and now it is time to feed the adults in the house. 🙂


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