New Arrivals: The Latest Update

Reposting an email that I have been sending out to folks…


Not a great deal to post about today. Caulla successfully fed directly from Sarah today. Her blood sugar levels are much better, and she is off of the IV and the Tylenol. The minor tremors she had yesterday are now gone, and she has an appetite. She isn’t quite eating as much as they would like, but she is eating quite a bit, and it is showing in the frequency of the changes they are having to do. The swelling around the incision has gone down tremendously, and is now no larger than a silver dollar. You can actually clearly see the stitches now, and she looks like she has a bit of a knot on her head. She was much more active today as well. I even got an opportunity to feed her by bottle before we left to come home tonight.

Sarah is getting around much better, but she really should be getting more rest. Have you ever tried to tell a mother who’s daughter is in the hospital to say home and rest? Yeah, it doesn’t work very well does it? She is doing much better though, so that is always a good sign.

I don’t have a great deal of new pictures, but Sarah did take a few of me feeding Caulla. I uploaded those to the same gallery as the pictures from yesterday:

Please feel free to send this around to others you feel may be interested. I tried to get as many people in the distro list as possible, but I am also sending this out via a blind carbon distro list to protect the privacy of some of the people on the list.

Right, I am pretty much done in. All of my energy is going into staying strong for my family and dealing with the stress of Caulla being in the hospital. I will post more later as things progress. Eventually I will finish writing up my version of the birth story and post that as well…


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