The babies are here!!!

The babies are here, but only one is at home. Both Tiernan and Caulla were born as breech babies the morning of November 8th. Tiernan came first, and presented fanny first. Caulla came next, but she presented feet first, kicking Tiernan’s placenta out on her way out. What a fighter! That fighting spirit is serving her well right now as she works hard to recover from surgery. Yes, our little girl had to undergo surgery. She had a cranial fracture that the believe happened in utero, and it was dangerously close to one of the major veins in the brain cavity. The neurosurgeon performed a procedure the morning of 11/9 the relieved the pressure and corrected the divot in her skull. The procedure only had a 20% chance of success, but it worked like a charm.

Right, basics, Tiernan was born first at 9:45 am, and Caulla was born at 10:10 am. Tiernan weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces, while Caulla weighed in at 7 pounds 11.5 ounces. My apologies, but I just don’t have their lengths available or I would document that as well.

More details will be forthcoming soon. I will try to make daily updates as I have time, and at some point I will be putting up a new page with the story of the birth as seen through my eyes.

 In the meantime please content yourselves with these pictures that were taken while at the hospital. If you take the time to read the description for the gallery you will find a link to a gallery put up by a friend who was there with her camera.



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