Vivid Dreams

In my reading I learned that it is not uncommon for expectant fathers to have extremely vivid dreams as the delivery date approaches. I have always enjoyed vivid dreams so I was rather looking forward to these dreams, but I am discovering that the reality is different from the expectations.

Here is the dream I had this morning…

The setting was an open city park, picnic tables, a barn type structure. It felt like a summer camp type of setting, but in the heart of a city. Still, it feels like the country…

I am sitting at a long picnic style table with five or six youths, probably 10-12 years old. They are laughing and joking while working on some sort of craft project. The day is sunny with a few scattered clouds high overhead.

Suddenly a dark shadow come sweeping across the grass, and looking up I see low, dark clouds rolling in like a crashing wave. Funnel clouds begin to form and dip down all over the sky. Before long some begin to form into tornados, tearing into the city which is suddenly much closer than it was before. Everyone around me seems oblivious to the storm and the danger. Then a tornado drops down behind a skyscraper that looks similar to the Capital Records tower in LA, throwing floors off of it like giant disks. One of these disks flies toward us, impacting between two of the youngsters. What was odd is that where it was an entire floor from the skyscraper it was now no larger than the lid of a trash can.

Something else that was odd was my own reaction. I was encouraging the youngsters to get to safety, or at least crawl under the table which was bolted to a concrete pad. But I wasn’t scared by the storm; rather I was exhilarated by it. I have always been a violent storm junkie, loving to get out in thunderstorms and the like, so perhaps this shouldn’t surprise me all that much.

Unfortunately I never got an opportunity to finish the dream as right then the alarms went off and it was time to start my day…



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2 responses to “Vivid Dreams

  1. Sheila

    That is cool that you can recall your dreams! I would not even start to guess what that dream means! So times when we don’t get enough sleep we can not remember our dreams. Once the babies are here recalling those crazy dreams might become harder!

  2. We shall see what happens with remembering my dreams as time progresses. Half the time I operate in a sleep deprived state anyway these days so it may not be a major change in my sleep schedule. Or it might… At this point I am prepared for the worst.

    As to dreaming, I have always had fairly vivid dreams, especially during the last sleep segment of the night just before getting up in the morning. From time to time I even have lucent dreams, and those are especially entertaining. The dream I wrote about here was also a lucent dream. I just didn’t actively change much as the dream progressed. The lucent ones are the ones that I usually remember best…

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