Baby Names — Updated

Who knew that names could be so difficult to decide upon? I have been looking over possible middle names for months, and until recently hadn’t really been able to find anything for Tiernan that I really liked.  Over the last couple of weeks that finally changed and I found a few selections that I liked. I put it up for a vote by a few select friends and family members and Shae appears to be the most popular selection. So, without further ado, here are the names we have selected along with their meanings.

Caulla Anora Mae:

  • Caulla: prophet
  • Anora: peaceful
  • Mae: variation on Maia, the Greek goddess of spring

Tiernan Shae:

  • Tiernan: regal or “My Lord”
  • Shae: hawklike

The previous Baby Names post has also been updated with this additional information


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  1. Sheila

    Hey you guys! How is everything going? Has Caulla and Tiernan made their apperance yet?? Do tell!
    I wish you all the best and I send prayers your way!

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