Belly Painting & Baby Updates

In some ways it is really hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly.  Just the other day Sarah and I were sitting down after a game session talking about this and that…now here we are, a bit over a year later and the twins are about to make their debut. So much has happened this year…so very much…but the journey has certainly been worth every minute.

Belly Painting 

We were in for our weekly pre-natal appointment on Wednesday and this time Jennifer, the owner was there for the appointment. I think that this was her first time to actually see Sarah as a patient, though we had run into her at the picnic a month or so ago. In the last few weeks Sarah has really changed, with the twins going through a growth spurt. And the glow she has about her…it makes my heart melt whenever I look at her. This is the woman that I love with all my heart, and here she is getting ready to give me a gift beyond imagining. Twins! A year ago I had all but given up on the idea of ever having children, and here we go with twins!

Right, back on topic… One of the things that Jennifer likes to do is paint the pregnant bellies, and Sarah was yet another of several willing canvases that have come through Jennifer’s door. The way she drew the babies is roughly analogous to their position at the time of the exam, with Tiernan being firmly positioned at the bottom, ready to come out when the door opens.

If you click the picture you will be taken to the photo gallery with the rest of the pictures taken that day. I can’t lay claim to being the photographer this time, but Jennifer was happy to provide us copies of the pictures that she took.

Oh yes, I mustn’t forget the baby names update. When last we looked I had yet to decide upon a middle name for Tiernan. In the last week that has changed and I floated some names out for consideration. Tiernan will be known as Tiernan Shae Jelmeland when he joins us out here in the outside world.


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  1. Sheila

    That is so cool!! Thank you for sharing! You both look so happy! How exciting!

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