Baby Updates

After receiving several requests for updates from the family I felt that it was time to sit down and start writing some of this up.

The primary question on everyone’s mind is the pregnancy. I can’t imagine why. It isn’t as if it is a life changing event or anything, right? At the last appointment we learned that both babies were in a head down position, and everything seemed to be going well. Sarah is starting to really struggle with it though, and really can’t stand to be standing or walking for more than an hour before she starts experiencing some intense pain. The midwives said something about it being a genetic predisposition among women of Scandinavian descent, and gave her some advice on how to relieve the stress that she has been feeling. It seems to be working, but she is at that stage where she really can’t find a comfortable position for long.

 So there is the current report. We have another appointment scheduled for the 20th and we may learn more at that point, but for now this is what we have. Sarah could probably add more, and maybe she will in a comment.



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3 responses to “Baby Updates

  1. Sarah

    Well that is a nice way to ask me to post a comment. Yes I am finally at that point where sitting, sleeping and doing just about anything is uncomfortable. Currently I’m not falling asleep till 2 or 4 in the morning and waking up around 10. I was placed on complete bed rest about 2 and a half weeks ago. Which while it lets me rest and my sense of humor and normal temperment have returned, I am bored to tears. Thank goodness for email and the internet.

    We do have a follow up ultrasound on Thursday to verify that the heart valves are all normal and to make sure that there is enough amniotic fluid for both babies.

    We have been told to basically expect the babies any time now.

  2. Sheila

    Hey you guys! I am out here in Ohio waiting for more baby news! So do tell! How are is everyone?

  3. Dan

    Jeff gave you something to break up the boredom, online, but still it works… You said thank goodness for the internet…

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