Difficult Choices

Looking back I can see an interesting shift in my outlook on gaming. For years I was a diehard opponent of online gaming. Early on I tried out Ultima Online and had a very negative experience. That just served to reinforce my opinion of online gaming, so for years I stayed away from even considering trying it again.

Then I heard about City of Heroes from a friend. I loved the concept and decided to give it a shot. I was hooked! I played the game for about 3 months, but eventually it started turning into a level grind, and the friends that I had been playing with had moved on to other games. No longer having so much fun I tried EVE Online, and I have been doing that for well over a year now. However, in recent months my fun level in EVE has dropped off, and it no longer draws me in like it once did. Recently my cousin invited me to try out Lord of the Rings Online, and that has captured me all over again.

However, with twins on the way I have to take a realistic look at our expenses. These games all cost us something on a monthly basis. Can we realistically afford for me to continue to play these games?

Being completely honest with myself I can see that there are better uses for these funds. So much as I might enjoy online gaming it is something that I am going to give up. I survived for years playing stand alone games, and I have plenty of new ones that just never really got played because I was playing online games. So now I will fall back and play those neglected games, giving them the time and attention I should have given them.

However, this doesn’t mean that I have to give up online gaming. In talking with Drew I learned that he has asked the family to give him game time as an alternative to birthday, Christmas of Father’s Day presents. I rather like the idea of that, and will be floating that with the family myself. Maybe this will present a way to enable me to continue playing the game without having to pay a monthly expense for it.



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2 responses to “Difficult Choices

  1. Stop playing online games? Are you being influenced by the dark side?

    To help in your struggle for freedom – Best Buy sells pre paid cards. Best Buy gift cards could probably be your preferred present for life. Maybe you could even get Best Buy gift cards on the baby gift list. You’ll have to come up with your own ideas for getting that to work.

  2. I received a temporary reprieve when an old friend contacted me about some roleplaying books in my library. I sold him the books he wanted and applied the proceeds to my game fund. đŸ™‚

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